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Footbag: Tales from the Outside World

  Some of my crazy footbag stories and various media. I update this now and then.  

The Protest Protest

  The Protest Protest may have be the most meaningful political movement of the new millenium. More well thought out than the Tea Party and less violent than Portland Peaceful Responce.  

Other Projects

  How to build a needlessly complicated weather clock for under 10 euros  
  Things to do with your nook  
  My mic pole  
  Homemade Isolating Headphones  
  Blender sequencer plugins  
  The Protest Protest: an introduction  
  Blender sequence editor tips and tricks  
  My homemade bar shelves  
  A brief poorly edited guide to the hole in the ozone, minus notes, but with bunnies.  
  The Energy Crisis, with bunnies! A quick look at the pending energy crisis  
  Shantibot! The sordid tale of a web controlled party robot.  
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