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 Blender sequencer plugins

Programming plugins for Blender's sequencer is surprisingly easy. What follows is a list of the plugins I've created.

Unsharp mask
Apply an unsharp mask to one strip. Optionally it can be set to only sharpen on the x axis (horizontally), which provides acceptable quality and is about twice as fast.
Source codeunsharp.c
Linux amd64

Invert colors
Invert one strip one color channel at a time. If all are selected it looks like a film negative.
Source codeinvert.c
Linux amd64

Dynamically crops one strip to letterbox it to different aspect ratios. The x offset and y offset don't do anything yet.
Source codeletterboxer.c
Linux amd64

Comments (20) | Posted by Andrew on 2009-12-26 16:44:51

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