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 This is not a time for words, this is a time for senseless violence!

Published 2010-04-30
Andrew says:
-No, I can't get in. The fascists have completely blocked the entrance.
-So can I go in?
-Of course, we just want to check for weapons. Bottles and everything else is ok.
-Oh (said as I was leaving) and we're allergic to cobble stones.
For my American readers, May first is when the rest of the world celebrates labor day and during the riots of old the really hip thing to do was to throw cobble stones at the police.


Two typos (one not your fault): Tokio Hotel, they're from Magdeburg, so they use the German spelling of Tokyo. Differenty is just funny though. Also: fucking slacker activists. They will obviously become the heart of the New Economy (however that line went from the marketing weasel in ”Was tun wenn's Brennt?”).
Commented by George | Posted on 2010-04-30 02:06:13

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