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 в России

OK, so now we're in Russia. . . and it feels good!! we got into Irkutsk this morning after a 36 hour train (at the border the train stopped for something like 11 hours??) and made it to our hosts house. That was a very welcome shower. The train ride was fun, though we stayed up a little too late last night, which can happen when it's still not completely dark by 11pm. so we had a bright and early start today, and then went out for our wander of this town, and to find ourselves some train tickets. We eventually found ourselves in a familiar theme, that of walking back and forth around the city with the train station as a focal point. but we did get a good walk around lots of parts of the city, and most importantly, we had our first walking beer in Russia (and I hate to admit it, but of the trip as well.) Tomorrow we head out for Baikal, can't wait to see that lake and eat some fish. mmmm.
Comments (54) | Posted by Shanti on 2010-06-14 09:45:56

 How was the fish? Have fun guys ;)) 
by Antje | posted on 2010-06-17 08:35:37

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