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Published 2008-02-15
Andrew says:
Edit:Holy fucking christ I hate Startlogic. After they dicked me around for the better part of a month I thought things were working well enough I could ignor them for a few months till I had time to find a better (read: any other) hosting company. Now suddenly my scripts don't work, my e-mail doesn't work, I tried to log on to find my ftp acct didn't work again... FUCK. Have I mentioned lately how much Startlogic sucks? Don't ever use them, tell your friends not to use them and bomb their building with excrement if you're in the area. Oh, and if you sent me an e-mail in the last few days, please send it again.
(original comic text:) The writers' strike has been hard on us all. Here at the outsideworld we found an amicable comprimise by raising the writing staff's royalties for on-line sales. Of course 11% of nothing is still nothing.


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