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 ATW #58, Dubrovnik, Croatia and almost home

Published 2011-04-12
Andrew says:
A trip like this really should have ended with some sort of mad-dash, convoluted trip home, hitchhiking in the back of a cabbage truck and maybe even sneaking across the border in the middle of the night for some reasons, but it was what it was and I was happy to just be heading home, even if it wasn't quite in the way I had hoped. Next time I guess.


1 month, again.
Commented by 'd'ru | Posted on 2011-05-12 02:00:09

hi Andrew, wie gehts? bin gespannt wie es Dir so ergangen ist letztens wuerde mich ueber kontakt freuen lg, n
Commented by nika | Posted on 2011-05-06 11:17:57

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