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 Atw #49, Tirana

Published 2010-10-29
Andrew says:
I've also read that the Albanian ambassador to the US was stopped at customs trying to import a stolen car, which he had thought he had legally purchased in Albania. Also a special mention to the manager/owner of the hostel we stayed at (I forgot his name of course). He was a super nice guy and even sold us some home made raki (Shanti, there damn well better be some left when I get back).


Don't worry, there will be.
Commented by | Posted on 2010-11-05 07:24:58

More charitably, it might also be noted that there's a massive resale market of legally-exported Western cars, especially Mercedes which are built like fucking tanks. In places with variable quality roads, and the occasional armed insurrection, a car that doesn't have a computer in it, or any parts that your local blacksmith can't fix, still have quite a bit of resale value. The book mentioned above there has a fair bit of misinformation obvious to the naked eye, but also a few useful tidbits of information. Like how in 2003, when Iraq was ”liberated,” there was no longer an Iraqi import tax on cars, and suddenly the ENTIRE resale market vanished from Eastern Europe and Africa. Like, every last Peugeot and Opel went on holiday to Arbil and Tikrit.
Commented by George | Posted on 2010-10-29 05:28:18

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