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 Atw #37 The kids from Columbia

Published 2010-08-09
Andrew says:
The Columbians I had in my class were great (Nicole, if you're reading this, you're missed), but we kept getting new groups in and my first group got broken up and by week two I had lost all my Columbians. Shanti got a bunch of them, unfortunately for him, a few days before they were supposed to go back they decided that they were done with camp and just wanted to sleep, in class. I was in his class one day for creative writing and quickly lowered my goals from getting them to write to keeping them awake. Nothing interested them until I asked them about shopping in Athens. This one girl, Gabi, had spent more in one day than I'll spend on this entire trip. Most of the kids I talked to lived in gated communities and went to private schools. All this in a country where the per capita gdp is about €7,000.


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