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 Atw #8 Transcontinental

Published 2010-05-26
Andrew says:
As I said, train travel in the US is different than train travel in other countries and a lot of people on the train weren't there for transportation, they were there for the ride. There was an observation car where you could lounge and get a better view and where volunteers would tell you about the countryside that was passing by. Also, they time the trains so that the train passes through the Rocky Mountains during the day. We were late and had clouds, but still managed to pass through before it was too late to film, so I have some spectacular footage when I get back home.


Nice new comic, Andrew! It?s nice that the journey was better than you thought. Today I cooked my first asian coconut milk soup - it?s so delicious - you can?t imagine!!! When you?ll be back I?ll cook it for you and chanti, if you both want it :)! Have a good time, Antje :)
Commented by Antje | Posted on 2010-05-30 12:40:17

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