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 Russia, and why the hell not? #22

Published 2010-04-12
Andrew says:
panel 2
How much to Pulkovo-1?
Dollars or Rubles?
Is that a joke?[at that time 1,000 rubles was about 30 euros]
Panel 3
How many minutes to Pulkovo-1?
How many do you need?
I think my real answer to that was "I'd like to get there alive" And that was also the last of my money. I'd brought my bank cards with me but neither of them worked at Russian banks, so I'd been living off of the cash that I'd brought with me as "oh-shit" money. There's plenty more I'd like to talk about, but for now it's time to move on to Germany. Maybe I'll dredge up some more (more interesting) Russia stories when I'm there again this summer.


although given what seems to be the default state of Russian drivers, at least he's not doing it for NIHILISTIC reasons. Your driver was goal-oriented!
Commented by George | Posted on 2010-04-24 10:04:19

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