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 It's not my fault, my hosting company (Startlogic) sucks.

Published 2007-12-24
Andrew says:
In full, Startlogic is switching from dedicated servers to a distributed architecture. This migration is supposed to take months. More than a week ago I lost ftp access as well as access to thier site configuration tools but I could log into the new ftp server (which was empty). I found out later I could log into their new configuration tool but not the old one. I wasn't even scheduled to migrate to the new servers at that point. In short it was 100% their fuck up and every time I called support no one knew what the fuck was going on or they wanted to refer me to a higher level of support which they never did or who never got back to me.
The migration had to happen sooner or later and I at least had access to the new server so I tried to go ahead and transfer my files. Many many fuck ups followed including poorly thought out, poortly documented and poorly implemented migration tools and the new server refusing to run scripts. In the end support never helped me with anything, I resorted to the Microsoft method of tech support, just hit a button over and over until something happens.
Finally all that was left was to repoint the dns records. In their pre-dns-repoint checklist was to make sure that the mailboxes tranfered over correctly. I called tech support once again:
me: It says to check if mailboxes were transfered over correctly but when I ftp in I can't see them anymore and I can't log in to the mail on the new server.
SL: Yes, you can't see them from the ftp anymore and you won't be able to log in on the new server until you repoint your the dns.
ME:So I'm supposed to check on something I can't possibly see anymo... whatever, can you check from your end.
SL: Yes, it looks like they didn't copy. Do you need your e-mails for any particular reason?
But at that point my head exploded so I was unable to respond.

So in summary do not use Startlogic, never use Startlogic. If you are already hosted by Startlogic it will be faster to cancel your acct and find a better company than try to go through what I did. Actually I wish that's what I'd done from the beginning. Fuckers.


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