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 Travels with Shanti #41, The last goodbyes

Published 2007-12-12
Andrew says:
First, the now standard disclaimer thar Hanka is prettier in real life than I've drawn her here.
I left out a ton of stories and I'll see what I can do about telling some of them as filler next year when I get the chance. Or maybe I'll just do a run of them, whatever, it seemed like time to move on.
Some statistics: This trip, which took less than a month, has now taken me three and a half months to tell in a highly edited form. I've told it in 41 comics, that's almost a quarter of all the comics I've published over the last 3 and a half years. This was the first third of three months of travel this year, which means, at 3.5 to one, I'll be cought up to the current day several life times after I'm dead.


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