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 Travels with Shanti #30, Um, where's Tom?

Published 2007-11-12
Andrew says:
Quite a lot of notes actually. In the panel labled "Later..." there's an inside joke I think only me and Shanti get. Also later when it looks like I'm setting the alarm on my mobile, I didn't have my phone (or more speciffically I couldn't turn it on as has already been explained). I have no idea how much I/we drank that night, we were constantly counting our money that night trying to figure out how much we could spend and still get the train in the morning.

One nice thing in Bratislava, we found a bar on the river with a fake beach. Either that evening or the next morning we picniced on the sand drinking mojitos. Or was it beer... whatever, I'm done with Bratislava, on to Brno! Oh, and Tom never really did tell us what happened to him.


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