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 Of Greece, blogs, comics and general malaise

Greetings from Greece, where we arrived a few days ago. I actually have more free time here than I expected, but the sun is sucking the energy out of me like some kind of energy sucking machine. The last few days of our trip were crazier and more compact than expected and I will be slowly getting the comic up to date in the next few weeks. As expected I lost some weight on the trip, so I'm doing my best to gorge myself and bulk up for the return (the food here is great), but that also means that after meals I don't want to move, so there goes my free hours. It's around 35 degrees right now and people tell me this is still cool, I must be in hell. It's pretty though.
Comments (7) | Posted by Andrew on 2010-07-06 10:10:50

 omg this comic was so funny. i love your sense of humor, especially with the isunltratiols.for the people who can't figure out the purpose of this comic: not all comics need to have life lesson. but if u had to pull a moral out, for some compulsive reason (kidding), i guess you could say that andrew is trying to tell us: have some fun with whatever lame summer job you get as a high school student. if you can allow the skills, from even a demeaning supermarket job, to help you later in life in your career, good for you 
by Sol | posted on 2013-01-04 05:00:43

 Hi Andrew, stay alive, please ;)! You?re on the way back to berlin??? Do you need 5 weeks to travel from Greece to Berlin??? Have fun furtheron, Antje :) 
by Antje | posted on 2010-07-08 04:47:04

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