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 Coming to Aisa, again (sorry about the delay)

OK, so here we are in China, about to leave. and I haven't posted anything since we left. I actually wrote A big post in Seoul, but it decided to be erased before I was able to publish it. So here goes, a short tale of what we've done since leaving America.
First Taiwan. we only had a few hours here, but we made it into the city for a short wonder. and wonder it was, we kind of had an idea of where we were going at first, but then with the not so straight streets we really were wandering. but we finally found out where we were and then went in search of food, which we did eventually. It was good, especially for just wondering. then we went in search of were our but back to the airport left. and we made it there just before it left, so unfortunately we weren't able to see Taipei 101. and that was Taiwan
Next comes Korea. here we were staying (rev) Sean. I met Sean last year when he came to Saigon for work and vacation but then various southeast Asian Governments wouldn't let him return to Thailand, so he ended up being my new flatmate for almost a month. Our first order of business then next day was to figure out our ferry to china. So we went out to Inchean port, and found it pretty easily, but once we got there found out that no one from the ferry company (the only one that went to our port in china) was working or anywhere to be found. We did find out the the information about the ferries was correct, so we decided to just come back on friday, a few hours before it left and buy it. so with that decision made, we went off to explore Incheon. after a good lunch, which I'm sure Andrew will talk more about, we headed to the seaside. It was a nice boardwalk littered with what you would expect in a Korean Boardwalk. And as this was Korea, there was a nice mountain park next to the sea, and we had a nice walk up and around it. Our third day we set out to explore Seoul by foot. mostly just aimless wondering, but we did hit the Electronics market, which was ok, but no Tokyo. that evening we met up with Charles and Erin, who I worked with Tokyo, so it was fun to catch up. as it didn't seem like we were going to have a big night, we left about 12, and somehow managed to catch the last train back to our place. Nice!! Finally, on Friday, we were to set off on our voyage to china. Korea was nice, and I'd like to see more, but that was our time here. I don't think I'd work here, but a nice enough place to visit.
More next time on the ferry and china (and more).
Comments (13) | Posted by Shanti on 2010-06-07 10:43:14

 Please update on any good fermented cabbage or live wild plants ASAP. Save me some seeds. Xo 
by Mariah | posted on 2010-06-08 05:03:36

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