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 From the bus

So, we're on the road. I'm writing this at the Tacoma bus stop. Almost ready to be in Seattle. It feels good to be on the way, through I'll really start to feel good when we're checked in for the flight. Or even more so, getting that first passport stamp of the trip, that will make everything real. Very hungry now, looking forward to seeing Jen and Karen in Seattle. 
Comments (2) | Posted by Shanti on 2010-05-31 12:17:05

 Back in Portland

So I guess I should have written this a few days ago, but I'm back in Portland, and have another two and a half weeks here. I'm really looking forward to just chillin in one place for a little while, especially before heading out around the world. end of the trip was fine, and the grand total of miles I drove was 4,625 Miles (7,443 Km) quite a lot I'd say. aside from that, just seeing some friends, and figuring out what I need to do before I leave, pretty mellow. That's all for the moment, more when something interesting happens.
Comments (0) | Posted by Shanti on 2010-05-13 05:04:48


SO to quickly recap on this last leg of my trip across the country, I've been in California for the last few days. First stop was LA, to visit Oren, a good frind from Uni who I haven't seen since graduation. really good to catch up, see what each other have been up to (me, traveled around the world a couple times, him, won an Emmey) then it was on the SF. made it up here (where I currently am) though for the first time hit crazy traffic, and then arrived at Lani's lost. cool place, very SF, nice to see her again, been a while. we soon went to dinner where I met up with Will and Danielle. good evening seeing the old Portland gang. Now I'm just killing time, doing things on the computer I've been putting off for a while waiting to see Galen (my flatmate from Vietnam).

Walking around yesterday, I did find myself done with traveling America. I'm still really looking forward to new and crazy places, but I just couldn't get into it, and this is a cool city. I'm really looking forward to the three week break of staying in one place in Portland next week.

But now, off to Davis for the Whole Earth Festival, my last commitment before I drive up north. a few more days.
Comments (0) | Posted by Shanti on 2010-05-06 02:04:25

  . .from where I left off to Needles, CA

OK, so the rest of the journey. I could try and write a narrative like my last post, that post took place over a week, and this next one is for two. So I'm going to do it a little differently.

First the states. I've driven through Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California. 8 days of driving, from Va Beach, VA to Needles, CA 3,318 Miles (and I still have to drive to LA, SF and Portland.

OK, now People. After leaving my Aunts house. First I saw my Half sister in New Orleans. Great catching up and hanging out. Then I was Corey in Austin. We travelled together in New Zealand, Haven't seen home in five years. Then I hung out with Ana in Albuquerque. WE hung out in Barcelona. Then Jake. He's the guy I counchsurfed with in Flagstaff.

Now music. So I was at Jazzfest, but I was working so I wasn't able to get out and see much music, but I did get to see Dr. John, Parliament / Funkadelic, Paul Simon, and a few other bands I saw for a song or two. In Austin, I managed to get into Austin City Limits, where I saw Steve Martin's blue grass band. (really good) and then I happened onto the Gourds in Flagstaff, and of course, the closed with an awesome cover of Gin and Juice.

The Parks. First was Carlsbad Caverns N.P. WOW, I've been to a lot of caves, but this one is, amazing. Then Petrified Forest and Painted Desert N.P. really cool deasert views, nice badlands, and some really old trees. The park was cool, but I've seen better petrified forests. And then the Big Daddy of them all, Grand Canyon N.P. And man oh man, it's amazing. If you haven't seen it in person, you can't really describe it. The first view is kind of like you’re looking at a picture or painting as it just doesn't look real. I went to a number of viewpoints on the rim, and did a couple hikes. I now really want o come back and hike to the bottom. Amazing.

OK, so I think that gets me to now, where I can try and write a little more often. So until next time . . .
Comments (1) | Posted by Shanti on 2010-05-03 02:26:26

 finally, the prolog.

OK, so I haven't been writing since we made this thing go live. so I guess now is my recap of the past few weeks, as I've been traveling quite a bit.

First, I left Saigon. this is the beginning. On the way back we stopped over in Narita. as this was a monday morning, none of my friends in Japan could meet us, so Derek (who had been visiting me in Vietnam, and returning on the same flight) and I went into Nartia to explore. The weather was crap. cold and drizzly. but we pushed on, wondered around looking for somewhere to eat, nothing was open. finally we found an open little restaurant. Ah, Udon noodles are goodl we then spent a very cold time exploring a very nice temple in the middle of town. After so much time in Asia, I"m over seeing temples, except for shinto one's in Japan, they're amazing. so, as we were sufficiently cold enough, we decided to go find a sento. for those of you who don't know, a sento is a Japanese bath-house, that doesn't use hot spring water. Almost every neighborhood has one, and it's a place you can come and just soak in lots of different hot pools, some inside, some outside. It's one of my favorite parts about Japan. SO, rejuvenated, we had a gyoza lunch, and headed back to the airport for our flight back to the USA.

Back in Portland. I was back for a little over one day, had a buritto, saw family, was too tired to see friends, and then went back to the airport for the start of the next adventure.

The next adventure. I flew to Washington DC. Here I met up with Graham, one of my best friends from Uni days, and his wife Erin. great to meet up with them, and catch up. but could only see them for two nights as they were going out of town for the weekend. At this point I move over to Molly's. SHe was my best friend in Barcelona, great to see her after almost two years. Molly works for a senator, so after we had lunch, she took me on a tour of the capital building. it's pretty cool. and I got to walk back along staff only corridors. the next day Molly had scored us passes to the White House Garden, which they only open to the public twice a year. it's a very nice grounds, and so well designed that as soon as your in, you can't hear any traffic from the streets, a little oasis in the middle of it all. then I went and saw all the memorials. The capital mall is really quite something. It's hard to pick a favorite, the Lincoln is so classic, the jefferson as well, but I do think the Roosevelt captured me the most. maybe thats because I didn't know it, but it was just great. While walking around these memorials, I got a phone call that my grandfather had died (we already know he wasn't doing good, and he'd been in hostiptal for more then a week.) kind of a fitting place to get the news. we were all kind of expecting it, but I was supposed to go see him in two days, so bad timing for me. so insted of taking the evening train to VA beach, I changed and took the morning one, so I could hep my mom and Aunt with what ever. and so because of that, I didn't go to a single museum while in DC. next time.

IN virginia. so coming down to virginia, I just needed to pick some things up at m grandfathers house in Va Beach, and bring them to my Aunt and mom in Harrisonburg. so two days in Virginia, but my schedule was the same, I still needed to drive the van down to New Orleans, and I had to be there in two days.

So I guess I should backtrack a little but here. the reason for this grand adventure I was setting out on. My parents van was in Virginia, and they were doing New Orleans Jazzfest, and it needed to be there. so enter me, I drive it, and work the show. after I driving to California, where I work another show in Davis.

And this takes us to the beginning of the journey, which I will continue soon.
Comments (1) | Posted by Shanti on 2010-05-02 02:12:25
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